3 ancient secrets of power

3 ancient secrets of power

3 ancient secrets of power

Our forefathers did not have the technology of today nor the easy life that we have in the  21st century, so for them choosing good leaders,  gifted judges and tribal shamans was really a matter of life and death.  They had to use all their cognitive abilities and character judgement.

So they devised several ways in which they could intuit about potential chiefs before they actually had power since removing an evil ruler was violent and bloody.  Absolute prerogative was granted to the King.  A supreme mortal ordained by the gods to rule over his kinsmen,  to safeguard their needs and to ensure prosperity in his domain. The sceptre of power was hereditary, passed down to the eldest son of the royal blood.

You could think that the stories of old and hullabaloo of this thing power,  do not apply to a 21st-century homo sapiens(the wise man) but in fact,  you are wrong.  Power has not changed and will never change so its laws, rules, tradition and code remain the same.  Some people understand power but not its use,  some understand the use and not the power.  You somehow need a magical mixture of both.

So they narrowed down to the three secrets
          3)Natural ability

They thought that if this ancient science was passed down the lineage, things would be good and run as God intended, the original idea of creation.  Greeks picked up this and developed the inborn ability to make use of logos, the rational mind. They built a massive Athena purposed sculpture that always reminded them when to withdraw and craft strategy fused with massive action.  The embodiment of this in history was Napoleon Bonaparte,  a restless general who built the Grand Army from scratch although Genghis Khan is a close second if you love the gunpowder and cleansing inside woman stuff.  This guy never showered!

Strive to create ambivalent currents in everything that you do. Polar opposites, order and chaos, the yin and the yang.  This will make use of your brain's natural black and white thinking instead of being against it. Find ways to challenge and redirect negative energy channelling its dark power for momentum. The world is only dark because it dies. Nothing is forever and forever is a long time
It's all in the tension, anxiety can become excitement or curiosity if you reframe. You reframe by constructing reality in your favour.

Your temperament is the greatest asset in your arsenal. It is the only part of the divine in a person that can be mastered.  Create time to train your mind.  In the olden days,  men had tribes of men who underwent initiation together. Lack of such definitive rituals may cause stunted growth of the rational mind which is supposed to emerge naturally as one grows old.
You should seek rituals that are important to you and circumcise yourself, saving yourself through your own blood. Observe and learn yourself in action, once you have enough information to work with, learn the art of calibration, using your disposition in responding to your circumstances

             Natural ability
You are born with unique genetic wiring that causes you to have your own worldview. Your beliefs, your experience, your skills and your behaviour is and will always be yours alone.
This causes you all sorts of problems when you collide with others who have conflicting interests. If you learnt about what makes you an individual, then you will make your decisions with an unshakable conviction. The two worldviews will stop fighting and start dancing.
Natural ability is what comes easiest to you,  and not so much to other people. That one thing that you feel most comfortable doing. Act without hesitation, Be irrationally self-confident, Have matchless competence.
With the three secrets out, the ancients hid the information. There were no custodians of the tribe. People became selfish and unkind. The concealed knowledge is back,  who knows if people will obey the golden commandment and do good this one time.  Will you?