Bado huwa unaimba kwa magereza” “Kenyans Troll Anto Neosoul

Anto Neosoul who is best known for his role on MTV Shuga and his hit single “Sensimilia” has been facing difficult times on twitter after Kenyans said that he is not a good artist.


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Kenyans on twitter trolling Anto Neosoul claiming he is no good artiste.

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 ” Sijawahi sikia mtu akisema yeye ni fan wa antoneosoul. Or who does he make music for?” one Twitter user wrote.

Neosoul was quick to defended himself by asking why people were hating so much on him yet he is booked until 2020.

He said; ” Booked till 2020 and people still thinking I get offended by such shit. Y’all need to upgrade your insults!”

Check some of the reactions from Kenyans: