Bey T Disses And Threatens Tanasha Donna For stealing her phrase ‘Kenya To the world”

Uk based Kenyan artist BeyT has fueled a catfight with Tanasha Donna for claiming that Tanasha stole her phrase ‘Kenya To the world”

Kenyan artist BeyT

BeyT shared a screenshot from her youtube channel proving that she used the phrase 8 months ago.Bey T also sent Tanasha a warning asking her to stop riding on the success of others.
‘someone tell @tanashadonna to stop wave riding 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ” She wrote on her Instagram.

In response to this warning, Tanasha tore her apart saying that she needs to grow up and stop igniting fake beef.

“Too much hate in this world. Jealousy is a disease… they’ll start a beef over a phrase they think they invented. A phrase used by so many artists in the 254.Beef over saying “Kenya to the world” as in when the homie called me to say that’s why she beefing I was like what??? What is wrong with this world though. What happened to empowering one another smh.” she wrote in her post

Tanasha says she does not know Bey T as much but the singer claims that Tanasha and her crew wanted to have an interview with her a couple months ago.Tanasha does not deny that her crew once requested for an interview but maintains that the beef that Bey T is starting is very unnecessary and immature on her end feels like this is not over and she says that she will be dropping a diss track soon addressing the matter.

To keep off from this drama, Tanasha reportedly blocked Bey T on social media after a nasty exchange and Bey T insists that she will prove to Tanasha that she is the real deal.

Bey T

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