Controversial Pastor Makes Panties With A Print Of His Face For Female Congregants

Are Pastor stretching their professional ethics too far beyond their limit? The Naked Truth Liberation and Empowerment Ministry is a church located in the United States owned by a controversial pastor Thaddeus Mathews better-known as the ‘Cussing pastor’ for his profanity-laced messages.

This time the pastor has set the internet on fire for designing panties for his female congregation Through an Instagram post the pastor shared innerwear garments being washed inside a sink claiming to be one of his followers washing the panties .


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Wannabe TV talk show host may have wAshed her panties in the sink but at least she was trying to be clean lol

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in the picture the panties have different colors and a picture of his face. The pastor claims that he made the inner garments for all body sizes and assured his followers for bigger sizes are also available. “Ladies get you some ThaddyBear underwear from a small to a 5X,” he said on his post.

This is not the first time the pastor has been criticized for his remarks. Later this year Tennessee pastor Thaddeus A. Matthews went viral after going on a rant about how real he while he was cursing. According to, the pastor he claimed that also Jesus cursed. He said, “See, I don’t play. It’s about being real, the truth, and I don’t give a damn what none of you b*tches say, or none of you hoe-a** ni**as either! It’s about telling the truth just like it is.’