DJ Mo Responds to Baby Mama Allegations

Two days ago DJ Mo was was accused of neglecting his baby mama and her twin daughters by a Kenyan lady by the name, Carol Nduta,

she shared photos of twin beautiful girls on Kilimani Mum who have a shockingly close semblance to DJ Mo and his daughter Ladasha Belle claiming that their father Dj Mo has abandoned them.

2 days later the dj has responded to the claims , an Instagram post DJ Mo ,reacted to the posts saying that those were fake news and that he wouldn’t let them bring him down.

“You can not bring this man down , especially with fake stories – try harder coz saa hii #sijajua mengi because ujue simba akiamka ….::::… story for another day … I keep saying Dj Mo is God’s project . Enjoy your day watu wangu .”

One of Dj Mo fan has confirmed that she knows the parents of the alleged twins and is ready to prove that the Dj Mo baby mama story was fake.

“I was shocked to see my friend’s kids ati ni wako what a lie!watoto wa mwanajeshi kahawa barracks and their mother is Pauline mutheu not carol nduta.pole Sana …if people want clarification wakuje kahawa wendani wataona wazazi wa hao watoto wote ” She wrote