‘Hajaokoka’ Rapper Kush Tracey Trolled by Kenyans After Backsliding

Fans of Kush Tracey are delirious since it is not long since made it known that she is letting go of her ratchet life and got saved on the contrary she is now collaborating with secular artists.


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Kush who got saved at Mavuno Church after her messy break up with her ex-boyfriend Timmy Tdat, she revealed that her giving her life to Christ has been a long time coming and she had been fighting her inner spirit every time she was doing secular music but now she is ready to embark on the journey to fulfill her divine destiny.


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Kush latest move to collaborate on a secular song with Kristoff  seem to have angered her fans. sources have it that Kush may have used salvation to get over her breakup with Timmy Tdat.

Kush received harsh comments concerning her choices on associating with secular artists.

Kwani was this Chile not saved just the other day??? kwani kuliendage Ile Syd engine????? I see Willy Pozee ame inspire wengi ……
Justus Mwai “Tracy c aliwa ameokoka… uyu ndo willy paul mwitu”

Leon Lishinga “The Christian walk and life is a marathon is ain’t a sprint. This is to ya’ll baby Christians. The devil is lying to ya’ll with money and all this hippie hype life. If you knew all things are yours you wouldn’t be living like this but i guess ya’ll can’t see but i pray ya’ll come to this realization one day. Anyway, God bless ya’ll and remember it’s a marathon it ain’t a sprint. Kush tracey i hope you get this.”

Wakali Wao “Kush back to factory settings mode”

Philo Philo “Kush Tracy ajaokoka kwa madrinks”

Young Master Music “Kush Tracey..madam umerudi factory setting….kuliendaje..??utaambia watu nini..!! Ayaa twendelee kupigwa kuni .”

Gideon Sam “Kush Tracey kiliumana ile side ingine ya Gospel amekuja kuflush drinks hapa, ..enyewe kwa ground vitu ni different”

Check out her latest song with Kristoff below:




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