Kabi Wajesus Family fall out with comedian Terrence Creative

Making headlines this week may seem to be pointed towards the WaJesus and Terrence creative who seem to no longer be hanging out together and inviting each other for dinners as they used to.


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Closely looking into their affairs they seem to have unfollowed each other on Instagram and also deleted videos they had shared having dinner at both their houses.

It really came to the attention of their fans when a screenshot of Terrence that went round …of acknowledging the existence of the law and implying the notion to sue the WaJesus for monetizing people’s ideas .

Terence Screenshot

Terrence creative posted revealing that The WaJesus were scammers who allegedly stole the idea of woman who legitimately started the sale of Ankara tops .

Terrace creative claims that the WaJesus put her out of business and used her idea to monetize from it for their own benefit.

Terence and his wife Chebby were not invited to Milly WaJesus’ birthday party which also doubled up as a gender reveal party for their unborn child.

We may not be in a place to discern the situation between this two couples friends but we can tell you for sure friendship is on a whole other level in the 21st century.

The scandal has Riled up comments on social media with fans taking sides. Check out their reactions below:

Franciscar Achieng” Hapa itakua ngumu juu terence alikua celeb toka kitambo n kabi ata hakua n followers bt sai kabi vile ako juu sijui aki though terence n wife wanakaa tu wapoa”

Tricia Jinna The devil is a liar, they had such a beautiful friendship.”

Tinah Ombonya I don’t care who’s on the wrong or rather right what I know ain’t supporting the WaJesus…kiherehere tupu”


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Neddy Achieng” Oooops forowing !but all along i felt terence and wife were not fitting in this crew.”

Victoria Kenyagoh – Oluoch This was either a joke or the Kabis advertising ” Terence Creative”… If you have watched their videos then you know this two families are as tight as your rear apparatus!!”


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Jacky Otieno I don’t know what there issues is but at my age I have learnt that those who so much publicize their love may not actually be happy…. I love Milly and Terrence their struggle to get a child resonate with most women…. Kina Kabi I have nothing against them but at my age I don’t find kihehere interesting. I want content that can apply to me… Sidhani most Kenyans married can do ma baby moon or gender reveal with my little economic knowledge.”


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Janet Wanjuria Si terrence had another family with two kids before leaving them allegedly and I remember he had been anikwad by first wife here in kilimani?”

Njeri Gitungu Janet Wanjuria ni life imemhumble pia yeye kama hana kiherehere hangepost issues zao na Kabi kwa social media. So posting was his way of being mature and creating a pseudo account to ruin the gender reveal on kilimani for the young couple?”