Magix Enga & Alvindo accused of stealing latest song from Upcoming Artist

Taka taka  hit maker  Alvindo is now facing accusation of stealing the song from a fellow artiste Cliff Nick.
According to the producer Ricco Beatz, he was approached by Cliff to remix his song dubbed ‘Boy child’ which featured Alvindo in the verse.
After the song was recorded, Alvindo took the same lyrics to producer Magix Enga and recorded it as his own song.

Speaking to heads up, cliff said he had released his ‘boychild’ song on YouTube two months ago and Alvindo liked it asking if they could do a remix together. since they were from the same hood in shauri Moyo he agreed and Rico Beatz agreed to remix it for free and they recorded it.
Days later, Alvindo took the same lyrics to a different producer and recorded it.
The following day he released the song with the same lyrics and title.

Cliff said that upon calling Alvindo to inquire on why he stole his song, he switched off his phone.
Listen to the two songs below and decide for yourself!


Now listen To Boychild By Alvindo ,Magix Enga and Dj Shiti



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