Mbona Morgan Amerarukiwa? Bahati Trolled for Sidelining Adopted Son

From trouble to trouble to even more trouble ,Bahati can’t seem to stop amusing his social media fans of his actions and gets trolled in yet another incident of neglecting his fatherly duty towards Morgan Bahati.

This came after Bahati shared a picture of himself, and the mother who adopted him, paying a visit to Morgan at his school. Bahati wrote:

“HOW WOULD YOU REACT TO THIS ??? You Meet this One Person that Rescued When you were barely 2 Years Old. And Now That’s @Morgan_Bahati When Our Mum #THOURUN Surprised him with a Visit at his Current School. This Two have not Met in 4 Years Now. I’m Glad to be Raising @morgan_bahati And May God Help Him that His Life Story Will One Day Change the World  Be Inspired Tonight 7:30pm”


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When I Grow Up I will “BLEACH” #ToaTint Like @khaligraph_jones #TheOGshallbeDISRESPECTED

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Kenyans were quick to Notice the Kind of school he attends and torn collar of Morgans shirt.  They angrily reacted accusing Bahati of treating Morgan differently from his own blood considering he is financially stable.

“Nunulia kijana shirt hii imeisha…Kwani anasoma shule ya mabati??? Heaven pia utampeleka the same school???” one Instagram user wrote.

Another Instagram userCommented “Really, the shirt is pathetic, diana unaacha mtoi anaenda shule hivi, halafu hii shule iko nai, not bahati standards aki, madharau zingine hata kama mtoi ni adopted zii”

Another person wrote “This school noooo…… Bahati pls” “The shirt is worn out..for PR purpose also change his uniform”

Yet another Instagram user wrote “Sasa ii ni shirt imeraruka hvyo na hizo zngne hatuoni i wonder”

Another person declared “Haki baha c kwa ubaya lakini but angalau mnunulie Morgan shati nyingine”