Meet Nigerian philanthropist twin duo E-Square positively impacting lives around the world.

Esquare are Nigerian American twin duos who are well known philanthropist. The twin run a registered Orphanage home(Tolotolo Family Orphanage home) in Nigeria and also a registered charity foundation called Tolotolo family foundation in USA and Nigeria.

The duo have helped a lot of people through scholarships, paying of hospital bills, setting up businesses and many more. The duo go by stage name prince Hollywood and Caro Master. Prince Hollywood is a business mogul who trades on spare parts while Caro Master has a degree in Medicine in which he operates. The duo are tagged multimillionaires as it is known that the duo sings for fun.


The duo Facebook page is Esquare and they ventured on a new game called sing with Esquare every Sunday in which the duo give out money to whoever comes on their live video to sing any of their songs.

The duo can be reached on Facebook individually as Prince egbuchere and fortunate egbuchere and also on their Instagram as @therealcaromaster and princehollywood147
They have decided to push their philanthropic lifestyle into Kenya. Lets welcome them. Check out their songs on YouTube