My mother is suffering,she sells sweets and we live in Huruma in a single room,’ Wendy Waeni exposes con manager Joe Mwangi

13-year-old gymnast Wendy Waeni set social media ablaze after revealing that she lives in poverty even after performing internationally and locally.

She revealed that her ex-manager used to pocket all the money she earned while performing in various countries and states such as Germany, China, Rwanda.

Surprisingly, after landing all those lucrative deals, Waeni said that she lives with her mother in a single-room house in Nairobi- at Huruma.

“I have been performing all over the world, jeff I know you know that and right now I live in Huruma because of Joe Mwangi. To be sincere with you I have been performing all over the world as I have performed in Germany, I have performed in Rwanda and China. I have not got even a single penny from my performances. My mom is really suffering right now, as we talk.

I know she is working right now she sells sweets and we live in Huruma in a single room. I also have been performing all over the country but I do not get a single penny and mom does not get any money too. It is because of my previous manager Joe Mwangi.”

Wendyas hosted on JKL on Wednesday evening and her revelation about her manager was shocking.

She also confessed that she was not responsible for malicious posts on her social media pages but Joe Mwangi controlled them.

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