My Wife Paid For Our First Date, Comedian Kamami Confesses

comedian Terence Creative famously know as “Kamami”’ made a revelation that his wife wife Milly Chebby paid for their first date when they started dating. Terence revealed this during an interview in a local TV show known as The Trend.

Kamami explained that they met his now wife Milly Tabby met at the workplace and he never asked for phone number as many men would do.
He invited her for the first date and showed up without money, but the generous Chebby took care of the bills

Terence also explains how his wife helped him quit smoking because he was an addict
“My wife used to tell me if you quit smoking I will be kissing you. You know smokers have a funny smell of cigars such that kissing becomes a challenge. so we could not kiss often due to my addiction to smoking. kamami explained

Finally he made it to quit smoking.



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