Ringtone Apoko :Mr. Seed Anateseka ,Magari Kupost Pale, si za ukweli,

Controversial gospel artist Ringtone Apoko took to Instagram to attack fellow gospel artiste Mr. Seed ,Ringtone claims that Mr seed has gone broke since he left Bahati’s label EMB.

In a video Apoko shared on His Instagram Ringtone revealed that Mr. Seed is broke and suffering and all the cars he post on social media are not his real property.

The Singer UrgedMr. Seed to humble himself and ask Bahati for forgiveness and allow Bahati to help him get back on his feet


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” I want to address the one and only Bahati, Samehea Mr. Seed bwana. Mr seed anateseka bwana, Mr. Seed akona shida nyingi sana .. Magari Kupost Pale, si za ukweli, mavitu vitu pale si za ukweli.. Samehea Mr. Seed. Na wewe Mr Seed Nimekutetea sasa…Usiseme nimekutetea omba Bahati Mshamaha, rudi pale Bahati acheze na rieng…Ujoin Mbogi ya bahati..Nimesema hivi kama chairman wagospel na msiniulize Maswali.”

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