Sonko’s Daughter Opens up about her depression after first heartbreak

Nairobi Governor’s Daughter Saumu Mbuvi came out advising young girls to take it slow when it comes to relationships. She regretted how she blew away a golden chance of going on with her studies simply because at 21 she felt that she knew everything.

On her insta-stories , Saumu, for the first time opened up about her detrimental and abusive relationship at an early
age of 21  years, which she had hoped would end up in marriage.

Saumu Mbuvi with her Baby Daddy

“Honestly, I’m not a relationship expert, all I was doing is research for some NGO…and I realized so many women are affected by this…”

She went on to say, “Let me use myself as an example, my first relationship I was only 21 young and naive, thinking the relationship would lead to marriage. It totally damaged me and left me on depression pills for a while, the same fear of being judged is what I had until I choose myself and my child’s happiness over everything”.

She advised other young ladies in toxic relationships to always love themselves first and have something to call their own.

Saumu Mbuvi with her Baby Daddy

“Love knows no religion; it’s what makes us whole time for.Life is too short learn to put yourself first. To young girls don’t rush it, sometimes I say to myself I wish I knew better.”

“I had options of going on with my studies but at a certain age you think you know everything,but you are wrong.

Being so dependent on a person can also bring lack of respect, be street smart, hustle ni hustle, whether you are selling mitumba or handbags as long as you have
something small for yourself.. with your own money no one can disrespect you.”