Star Profile: Meet Rising Afrobeat Artist African Boy Tswe

originally from the Republic Democracy of Congo Jezine Ndombe Olondo by his birth name was raised between France and Belgium where he developed a love for basketball and played at a really good level for a decade.

African Boy Tswe is the son of well known Congolese artist “PEPE NDOMBE OPETUM” from the well-known band TP OK JAZZ & BANA OK after dropping his basketball jersey   Jezine Ndombe Olondo went back to his first love “MUSIC” and has been involved in the music business for years where he managed produced write for a varsity of artists from music label or the underground scenes he now recently decided to become an artist himself to follow the step of his late father “PEPE NDOMBE OPETUM”   his music has influence from congo music afrobeats hip hop r&b pop rock …

He is a dreamer a lover and an open-minded cultural artist
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