Pierre Jean Mayieka, also known by his stage name Trip Jin, is a Kenyan, Nakuru based Rapper,Singer, Song writer and commercial model. His genre of music is Hip Hop/Trap music & Trap-soul, and is also known to have the ability to blend into other genres such as RnB and Bongo. He is also refered to by other names such as ‘pretty gangsta’ , a name that was given unto him by his hometown-neighbourhood friends that he grew up with, and ‘jin tha voice’, a name given unto him by his classmates in highschool because of his seemingly audible voice.

Trip Jin was born as the only male­-child in a family of five (including the parents) in Nakuru,Kenya and was raised there. He started his musical journey back in highschool and his math teacher used to tell him to rap infront of the class since he used to find rap verses behind his math exercise book. With time he grew better in skills and aquired a comprehensive flow and prowess in music.

His style of music is ussually gangsta-rap and was influenced by the environment in which he grew up in. He wasnt born in the ghetto but the estate they were living in was near one and since his had less children to play with, he used to go to the streets to make new friends; most of them who were gangsters .He later joined Moi university to continue pursuing his education, where met the CEO of Galaxy Dreams Music , Oscar Chadikha, and got signed by the label.

Currently, he is one of the few rappers in Kenya considered to be making good music. He is more concerned with his music more than anything and is aiming to soar much further into greater heights in the music industry, not only localy but also to reach the international standards.

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