Upuzi Watu Wako Nayo! Dancehall Artiste Bleaches half of his face

An upcoming dancehall artist SKP has left thousands of his fans in shock after bleaching half of his face and dying half of his hair blonde.

However, it seems like SKP  does not care what people say and has vow that he would keep his new weird look.

Hitting back at his critics in a recent interview, he said he chose to bleach half of his face so as to attract the attention that will catapult his music to the international market..

”Me just a try be different from every other person me see out there, something weh a go tek me to the international market and grab them,” SKP said.

The artist vows to maintain his half bleached face image if he gets his big break. He also noted that he might even alter his image even more as he currently got more ideas. SKP also addressed rumors that he is a madman saying that he is very much sane and will prove all of his haters wrong