Wakavinye wishes Njugush a happy 28th birthday

Happy birthdayNjugush!
The comedian turned 28 on Monday, and was up bright and Celestine Wakinye as up bright and early to send her husband some extra love on his special day.


Wakinye, posted a touching message on Instagram.Celestine thanked Njugush for choosing her to be his lifetime partner saying that he is the reason why they are both blessed.
The couple have a son together and Celestine says that their son is so lucky to have Njugush as the dad.

Happy birthday Tim 🥰. I am really proud to be associated with you…. atleast naget kudoea hizo baraka. At your age you have done so well👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.Thanks for choosing to do life with me. Tugi is so lucky to have you as his dad. May all your heart desires come to pass. ❤❤
Na btw kauzee kanaingia to mosmos 😂😂😂… nangoja kuona venye utabehave tukienda school meeting za Tugi alafu walimu waanze kucheka wakiambia Tugi baba yako anakuwanga na ujinga sana😂😂😂😂😂😂