Zodwa Wabantu proposes to her Ben10 buys ring worth over KSh400,000

The act of women proposing to men is not an African tradition, however this did not stop South African socialite Zodwa Wabantu from proposing to her boyfriend Ntobeko Linda.

Wabantu who is known for her panty-less dancing antics went down on one knee and proposed to her boyfriend Ntobeko Linda.
As many might think, she did not get him to say yes cheaply. Wabantu ordered a bespoke diamond ring from Diamond Jewellery International, Johannesburg, worth Sh428,397 ..

We as women we give our men money to marry us. Hard working women hide that they marry themselves by giving their boyfriends money to go to their families to pay Lobola,” posted Zodwa.

She went ahead to offer a nugget of wisdom to women who give their men money to buy rings so they can pretend that their lovers made the move.

Don’t give your boyfriends money to act like they bought it for you. Buy it yourself.”

Wabantu was again in the news after she went shopping for a coffin saying she didn’t want her family to stress up when she died.



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